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My Top 5 Fav iPhone Apps

Anno February 20th, 2012 No Comments

1. Flipboard
2. Instagram
3. USA Today
4. Pintrest
5. Waze

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Modern Up Movie Poster

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I was bored last night and wanted to dabble in to Illustrator again. Below’s my simple rendition of an UP movie poster… I love that movie because it’s so cute and adorable. I’m a romantic at heart, even though I act like a tough girl.


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My Favorite Make-Up Products

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So I’m definitely not a make-up guru or someone who has to have the latest and greatest make-up products. (My vice is technology..) I have tried many make-up products growing up. My mother is into all the beauty products (she owns a nail salon -_-). I can tell you anything about nails and what not.

After years of experimenting with make-up and what not, I do have an idea of what I like and what’s the best. I don’t spend too much money on make-up, and if I do, it’s for a good reason. A few of my good friends are in love with make-up and the guru, Michelle Phan, so I do take their tips into consideration when I’m looking to buy some beauty products.

Below are some of the best make-up products I love right now…

chanel aqua foundation

1. Chanel Aqua Foundation. $58 – It does wonders! I used to use Clinique powder, Bare Minerals, and Mac powder (kept switching because I couldn’t find one I loved). My co-worker recently introduced me to Chanel Aqua foundation, she says she love loves it. I’m not a big fan of foundation usually because I feel like it won’t stay on all day or would help fight off my oily complexion. A make-up artist used it on me, and I felt like I had nothing on my face. The coverage is absolutely amazing as well. When it’s transposed on your face, it solidifies instantly, you can barely even tell it’s there. It’s very natural looking. I like the natural look because the cakey-look just looks absolutely trashy to me. I know it’s pricy and what not, but it’s really worth it. The Chanel  make-up artist also told me that many of her clients has said Mac powders make them break out because it has mineral oil in it. Also, I’ve been breaking out a little lately and was ready for a change.

best liquid eyeliner

2. Maybelline Stiletto Eyeliner. Under $7 – I’ve never really used liquid eyeliner because my hands aren’t so steady and I tend to get the liquid eyeliner some how in my eyes… But Maybelline’s Stiletto Eyeliner line does the trick. The felt-tip pen works precisely like a pen on paper. It’s the best that I’ve used so far. Plus, for that price, I’ll buy many of them. The only bad part is that it’s not waterproof, so it does fade away faster than other liquid eyeliner. I suggest that you put a little bit of powder on it, for it to absorb the oils.

Mac Mascara, the best!

3. Mac Mascara. $25. – Probably one of the best mascaras I’ve used. Doesn’t clump at all and spreads out my eyelashes elegantly. Thickens the lashes nicely as well. Doesn’t look messy at all.

HD powder, setting powder

4. HD Powder. $25ish- This absorbs the oil from your face through the day. Helps with the shininess. I put it on after I do my foundation on my T-zone area.


5. Urban Decay Quickie Blush. $20- A little goes a long way with the Urban Decay blush and that’s why I love it. It even looks like I barely even use my urban decay blushblush, but I use it everday. Great value. Urban Decay never fails…

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Typography Room Inspiration

Anno December 30th, 2011 No Comments

Typography Room InspirationI like this.

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Everyday I See My Dream

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2011 is approaching its end and I’m very thankful for this suspenseful year. This suspenseful year has included many exciting and great moments; as well as emotional. I rarely ever contribute my feelings online or in writing… But here it is. I am truly grateful for a family that has supported me through out the years; one that has pushed me continually to be my best. My best includes: completing my college education at a rapid rate, getting what ever job I want, and getting what I want.

My inspiration for it all, will always be my mother, a person who’s always had that entrepreneur mentality, which was passed on to me. She’s been to through so many hardships and still has that positive outlook in life. My confidence in my career comes through because I want her to have the life she’s always wanted. A lavished life where she doesn’t need to work at all and involves traveling around world. Everything I do, is for you and soon you will see… Love you.

Everyday I see my dream typography

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Dia Frampton Blows America Away on The Voice

Anno June 23rd, 2011 No Comments

Not sure why the embeds won’t show up. I guess you guys have to click on it.

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Gadgets I Can’t Live Without!

Anno May 12th, 2011 67 Comments

All my friends know I’m a gadget-freak! I love love technology as much as I love clothes. Technology makes my life easier and sometimes…. A little more difficult. Electronics malfunctioning gets me hacked! Below is a list of my favorite gadgets that I cannot live without!

  1. My cellphone! Android Samsung Sidekick 4g : Custom user-interface that looks amazing and I love the black integrated backgrounds. Also has custom applications preinstalled! I just wished that it had more ram. I know that 1GHz is the industry standard currently, but common!!
  2. My Apple MacBook Pro! I seriously hate Windows with a passion! Microsoft has lost its innovative touch with being the leader in the technology industry. I hate it when I worked on my Windows 7 laptop at work and it automatically did a software update during the middle of a project! Apple FTW. Beautiful user interface, fast processor, high quality exterior, well-built, and easy to use. You def get your moneys worth!
  3. Canon Rebel XS DSLR with a Sigma 50mm -140mm Lense Range  I think… Wow, I def got my money’s worth with the lense. My photos turn out great. With my 8 years experience of Photoshop, I can retouch any picture professionally. Great piece of machine for a good price. Photography is beautiful! Check out some of the photos at
  4. My straightener: I guess this is called a girls’ gadget? lol…. Can’t go out without this! My hair gets wavy sometimes.


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Banksy in San Francisco

Anno March 20th, 2011 187 Comments

Saw a Banksy piece in San Francisco randomly while walking to a gelato joint.

bansky in San franciscobanksy in san francisco

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